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Resonant is an open-source platform for end-to-end data science solutions.

Data Management

Upload, share, and manage your data from SQL, NoSQL, Hadoop, Amazon S3, and more.


Perform heavy-lifting on your data with Python, R, Spark, and Docker containers through a uniform interface.


Gain insight with flexible, scalable web visualizations.

Use Cases

Resonant solutions span government, research, and commercial domains.

Interactive Applications

Hospital Costs

Interactive visualization

NYC Taxi

Scalable geoinformatics

Ebola Outbreak

Storytelling with data

Hurricane Tracking


Explore Boston Permit Data

U.S. Census Data

Case Studies


Challenge hosting


Bioinformatics workflows


Big data visualization

Brain Development

Data management


Computational biology

About Resonant

Resonant is brought to you by Kitware, a proven leader in advanced open-source solutions. Kitware provides custom services supporting Resonant. Find out how we can work with you to create tailored web applications that resonate with your data.

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Resonant Data

Take control of your data. Girder is Resonant's data management platform for building rich data-driven applications and services.


Big data management.

Resonant Analytics

Execute distributed processing pipelines on your data.

Girder Worker

Scalable workflows for data science.

Resonant Visualization

Resonant's rich data visualization capabilities are powered by these open-source toolsets.


Scalable geoinformatics for the web.


Reusable visualization components for the web.