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Data Management

Upload, share, and manage your data from SQL, NoSQL, Hadoop, Amazon S3, and more.


Perform heavy-lifting on your data with Python, R, Spark, and Docker containers through a uniform interface.


Gain insight with flexible, scalable web visualizations.

The Resonant framework tools work in concert to provide storage, analysis, and visualization solutions for your data. All Resonant components are fully open-source under the Apache v2 licence.

Resonant Lab

Resonant Lab lets you build and share advanced visualizations without needing to write code. Upload your own dataset, connect data fields to visual properties, and export or share the resulting interative visualizations through an easy to use free application powered by the Resonant data and analytics platform.

Success Stories

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Interactive visualization

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Scalable geoinformatics

Ebola Outbreak

Storytelling with data

Hurricane Tracking


Explore Boston Permit Data

U.S. Census Data


Challenge hosting


Bioinformatics workflows


Big data visualization

Brain Development

Data management


Computational biology

Data Management


Our versatile data management platform, Girder, is a great place to start. Follow the installation instructions to get a full data management platform running locally.


Girder Worker

Girder integrates with Girder Worker, a flexible execution engine for running analyses. To see it in action, install Girder Worker and follow our tutorials on image analysis and graph analysis. To run Girder Worker jobs through Girder, see how to enable the Girder Worker plugin.



For geoinformatics applications, you may want to start by learning about GeoJS, a scalable geospatial visualization library for the web. To get you started, GeoJS provides several examples with associated source code.


Reusable visualization components for the web.


Resonant is brought to you by Kitware, a proven leader in advanced open-source solutions. Kitware provides custom services supporting Resonant. Find out how we can work with you to create tailored web applications that resonate with your data.

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